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Discover the truth to what causes sciatic pain, and how you can eliminate it.

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“Discover The Truth Behind What Causes Almost All Sciatic Pain And How You Can Eliminate It Quickly And Easily With An Efficient, Affordable And Revolutionary System”

Are you suffering from sciatic pain? You know, that excruciating pain that starts in your buttock and travels down the leg. It seems like no matter how you move to try and ease the pain it just won’t go away.

You take pain killers, and even though you know these do little more than mask the symptoms, what other option have you got? Besides the pain soon comes back so more pain killers, and the cycle goes on.

The reason this pain is so bad is because it’s nerve pain. You see muscular pain can usually be alleviated, at least to the extent that it doesn’t bother you, because you can shift your posture to allow the muscles to relax.

However with sciatica the pain is coming from the nerve, so it’s just like when you have a toothache, the pain remains..

I can empathize with you, as I had this problem once. Not happy with the advice I was given I eliminated it completely, and soon you will discover how you can too. It’s easier than you think, much easier. And the best part is you’ll how to stop it coming back. Does that sound like something worth knowing?


How much is sciatic pain affecting your life, and what would your life be like without it? What are you missing out on, not being able to do your favourite sport or activity? And you can imagine how great things would be without that nagging pain, can you not? You see most people believe, or have been told it’s coming from the spine, and while this is true for a small number of cases, the biggest cause is muscular.

So just let me clarify that before we go any further. I told you it’s nerve pain, right. And now I may be confusing you by telling you the cause is muscular. So what do I mean by that. Well, let me explain quickly. The sciatic nerve starts in the lumbar spine and travels through the buttock, and down the back of the leg. Have you noticed that sitting, especially for long periods really aggravates the problem? That’s where the muscular aspect comes in. It’s the pressure of the muscles over the nerve that is the culprit.

Now you’re probably asking but what about the degeneration in the spine, isn’t that the cause? Well I’m here to tell you NO. You are about to discover….



You may be wondering who is this guy telling me this, and why should I take notice anyway. Well, let me introduce myself, I’m Ray Goslin, CEO and founder of, specialist in Executive coaching, stress and pain management systems and have been in business since 1993.

I am an Executive coach, certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, physical therapies including Bowen technique, Remedial massage/myotherapy, Thai Yoga bodywork, and Yoga and meditation practitioner.

I’ve never accepted the idea that you can only partially recover. I believe full recovery is possible by developing and integrating a flexible body and flexible mind. When you work at the deeper layers of physical and mind processes, this is where the treasure lies.

That’s why one modality won’t fix things, well not completely or as fast. So you can relax, because I’ve done all the hard work for you.


You will learn the exact techniques that I have used with hundreds of clients, and how I eliminated my own sciatica for good without adjustments, surgery or drugs. In fact clients pay me $500 dollars to learn this system, so I have had to make it easy for anyone to use. So I thought the best thing would be to record the process required, so others may learn it, which you now have the opportunity to get access to these secrets.

This system deals with all the elements necessary to resolve the problem in a safe and sensible manner. This one of a kind video training gives you ….

  • Step by step instruction
  • Practitioner grade training
  • The secret that makes this so effective
  • No painkillers with this system
  • No adjustments required


If you’ve read this far I guess that you’re probably wondering how much it’s going to cost you. When you consider the ongoing cost of therapy, It’s worth at least $1000 for these secrets. Clients pay me $500 to learn it so that would definitely be a fair price.

Because I am giving this in a downloadable format I don’t have the expenses of producing a physical product or shipping expenses.

So you don’t have to pay $1000, not even $500. Even $200 would be a steal but you can get this system now for just $97. But it won’t stay at this price.

Your Instructor

Ray Goslin
Ray Goslin


Founder & CEO of

Creator of "The Lifestyle Project", "The Drift Paradigm", including Drift Meditation, Drift Hypnosis, Drift Stretching and "The Ultimate Stress Management Machine" Member: “National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)” & Australian Assoc. Massage Therapists (AAMT).

Once upon a time, after suffering back pain for fifteen years, and earlier, discovering my own solutions to a minor but significant health concern, simply by a change in diet, I came to realise the so called experts just didn't know. I realised that I am responsible for my health so decided to start this journey to find better solutions. I first got myself physically fit, but it wasn't enough on its own.

In 1982 I started my meditation practice, (a real game changer) and decided this would be my daily practice for life. To further my personal development, I trained in martial arts, and chose bodywork training in soft tissue modalities which work deeper into the body’s systems. Certified in Advanced Bowen Therapy, Remedial Massage and Trad Thai Yoga Bodywork.

My back pain went away. That was twenty years ago. This had a huge effect on my whole life, physically, mentally and emotionally. The insight this gave me was to have a flexible body and flexible mind if you want success.

After years of martial arts training I switched to yoga in 1995 to better align with my work and have added Clinical Hypnotherapy to my qualifications. Fusing this with meridian work, EFT, NLP and have gone on to develop my own systems. It became apparent to me early on that to resolve things you must have integration with the mind and body if you are to be successful. The use of hypnosis or meditation is effective, but it’s not enough. Using physical therapy is effective, but again, not enough. As the goal is for rapid results and still be effective, it must be integrated. Regular bodywork & stretching, combined with mental focus through meditative processes, has been the key to me living without pain for over twenty years.

I look forward to sharing this with you now,



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